Monday, September 30, 2019

The Ecilop Service - surreal POetry by Freek

The Ecilop Service

Cuddled a star fish
Dropped my earlier thoughts off at the theatre
It's a trifle cold
Came across a sleep walking antelope
The phone rang in an orange tone
I was cut off from the world for 19 hours
Walked around with a pigeon chest in my marshmallow shoes
Waved goodbye to myself on the romantic steam train to Haworth
As I swirled to the right the teapot growled
Not the one I
Not the one you
Tell me in double time

Winning an award for not showing up was fun
Changed history with visual lies
Sank back into the soft incline of a broken trampoline
We counted forbidden words under the stars on our fingers and toes
I carried a cloud around in my breast pocket
Phoned 666 and got in touch with the ecilop service
A countdown progressed and I ran away
The imagination stretched as far as Soothill
Wrote a list of items I wanted
x 4 frozen snow globes
Muffled vibes from an ecstatic mermaid
Some broken bunk bed ladders from the 80's
A door bell that played the sound of gun fire

My emotions unfolded into over starched garments
Branded by the letter H I slipped away into the pages of a new way of life
I became grounded
Fossil like
Two pennies worth
Wobbled like a frankfurter as a German Christmas market
Was that an over share?

Faked it
Sold a few necessities
Then barked

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Author: Sam Freek

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Eco Promise - Buy Art, Plant a Tree

 Eco Promise

What is the Eco Promise?
We're stepping it up a gear as the planet now more than ever needs our help, so from now on when you purchase a canvas wall art we promise to buy a tree from the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. Helping save the planet and creating habitats for wildlife one tree at a time in the beautiful setting of the Yorkshire Dales. To date the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust has planted 457,910 native trees and hedgerow species. We would like to help them get the figure up to 1,000,000.

Our Quick Visit To The Yorkshire Dales?
Below is a video of our quick visit to the Yorkshire Dales to see where some of the trees we buy are planted. Our most recent trees bought are native broadleaf trees that have been planted in Woodale Woods, Scar House Reservoir on High Woodale Farm, Upper Nidderdale.

Author: Sam Freek

Friday, September 06, 2019

Surreal Quotes by Sam Freek

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surreal, surreal quotes, surreal poetry, surreal wordsmith, word art, surreal art, Sam Freek, quotes to live by,

 What's up world?????? How are you all? Hope you are all doing fine and dandy :-). Here are two of my new surreal quotes that I like writing every now and again. At the moment I am writing a new surreal poem and creating some new multi coloured artwork. Hopefully I can get both of them up on the blog so you can feast your eye balls on them. 

What are you all up to this weekend? Talk to me peeps :-D

Author: Sam Freek