Friday, July 21, 2017

Still Fresh - Contemporary Photography

Hey Na Na Nancy - Abstract Painting

Spike - Contemporary Urban Photography

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Spike - Contemporary Urban Photography by Sam Freek
Experimenting with some urban photographs I took and have got this far with them. I'm stopping working on it at the moment as for some reason its making my skin crawl ha ha and I think for now I have got to the end of the road with it. Not sure if I like it as some wall art so will put it in the secret vault for now.

Need to write another very short poem so here goes....

The English Summer

Hello dear sunshine
Hello dear rain
Hello again dear rain

Hello old friend, rain

The End of Summer


Author: Sam Freek

Return Of The Killer Road |Works - Coming to a cinema near you!!!

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Return of the Killer Road Works - New Film idea by  Sam Freek
 I would love to make a movie and I think this would be a great idea for a scary film, revenge of the killer road works. It would be set in Benidorm, Spain and the road works would go on a spree at night when the English tourists hit the town. The road works picks the victims that are overly tanned or fake tanned, in fact the brighter the orange the better. Cones that surround the killer road works are what paralyses the unsuspecting tourist as they drunkenly wear the cone as a hat. This is as far as I've got with the movie idea. If anyone from Universal, Fox,  BBC or Film 4 want to approach me to film the idea then please contact me, Sam Freek - The Artist and film maker wanna be. 


Author: Sam Freek

Left A Trail - Urban Photography

urban photography, photo, art, artist, artwork, contemporary photography, urban decay, urban art, Sam Freek,
Left A Trail By Sam Freek - Urban Photography
 Going through some of my photographs I took whilst out and about in Spain and come across this urban abstract photograph that I liked so here it is *sounds of magic sparkles*.
Not sure what else to write about this urban photograph so I will just add a poem to this blog post instead. But after you have read the poem if you would be so kind as to have a look at my website please ( and if you could look at the website while on your dinner at work and keep shouting wow really loud so everybody comes to see what you're looking at that would be amaze balls too :-).

Poem Called Peanut

On the fly
Why oh why

Bye bye
Here's a peanut


Author: Sam Freek