Wednesday, November 23, 2016

At Work - Urban Photography

urban photography, street sign, work sign, contemporary photography, art, street scene, minimal, minimal photography, Sam Freek,
At Work by Sam Freek - Urban Photography
 Spotted this sign and I loved the colours and shape of the sign against the blue pole and the rusty wall. The long shadows against the grey and yellow road was what caught my eye too.
Author: Sam Freek

Aerial & Roof - Urban Photography

urban photography, minimal photography, minimalist, art, contemporary photography, aerial, roof, blue sky, Sam Freek,
Aerial & Roof - Urban Photography by Sam Freek
 Sometimes I take photographs and I don't know what I find so appealing about them, I just see a photo in my minds eye and take the photograph with my camera. This was one of them photos. The End.

Author: Sam Freek

Costa Cars - Travel Urban Photography

urban photography, urban scene, Spain, travel, traveling, landscape, mountains, palm trees, Sam Freek
Costa Cars - Travel Urban Photography by Sam Freek

Traveling across Costa Blanca in Spain I spotted this small building called Costa Cars against these magnificent mountains and quickly snapped it up into my camera so share with the world. The End. 

Author: Sam Freek