Monday, October 31, 2016

Green, Yellow and Pink Digital Abstract Painitng

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You Big Blur - Abstract Digital Painting by Sam Freek

Green, yellow and pink digital abstract painting
 This is a brand spanking new green, yellow and pink abstract digital painting that I created last week. I'm not usually one for creating art with the main colour being green but I do like it in this blurry abstract. A simple and striking piece of art that has an air of mystery surrounding it as the image itself is blurred and never allows you to see what's underneath.

This canvas wall art print started its life out as a photograph in which I digitally manipulated it into the colours I wanted along with the style. The photograph is then printed onto high quality canvas before being hand mounted onto 1.5 inch stretcher bars (I like using these large stretcher bars as the artwork makes more of an impact by making the art jump off your wall). A coat of varnish is applied to the canvas which helps protect the canvas, allows you to lightly clean the canvas and helps the colours really 'pop out'. This canvas artwork can be delivered anywhere in this big wide world....from bonnie Scotland to New York, from New York to Chicago, from Chicago to Albuquerque (just wanted to say Albuquerque as it's a cool name for a city), I wish I could deliver them all myself so I could have a mini adventure along the way but all the artwork are delivered by Fedex or UPS and are tracked. I'm starting to waffle on now so if you would like to know anything more about this artwork or any of my paintings, photographs, prints or drawings then please feel free to contact me by email or phone or snail mail ....a postcard would be nice actually with a photo of your local town on it.....(waffling again)...I'm Sam Freek - The Artist :-) ...over and out....

Author: Sam Freek

This Is A Mistake - Contemporary Abstract Painting

contemporary abstract painting, art, contemporary art, large painting, abstract art, Sam Freek,
This Is A Mistake & There Are No Mistakes by Sam Freek

contemporary abstract painting, art, contemporary art, large painting, abstract art, Sam Freek,
Contemporary Abstract Paintings by Sam Freek

contemporary abstract painting, art, contemporary art, large painting, abstract art, Sam Freek,
Modern Abstract Paintings by Sam Freek

It's a great Monday morning as I've had some brilliant feedback about my artwork over the weekend so I'm all happy today and thought I'd share these two new paintings that are being sold together. They are 2 x 20" x 32" - on 1.5" stretcher bars  and are hand painted multi coloured abstract paintings. Acrylic colours used on "This Is A Mistake" are black, white and pink. The acrylic colours used on "There Are No Mistakes" are black, white, red, blue, pink, yellow, orange and green.

One day I thought I'd made a huge mistake and was beating myself up pretty bad about it as I couldn't let it go, so I thought I would turn this mood into art and started painting the "This Is A Mistake" artwork and wanted it to look simple with a careless feel about it. Part of the painting was already in my mind and the rest just came to me in a carefree way as I was laying the paint down on canvas. The second contemporary painting, "There Are No Mistakes" was a previously finished (or half finished as it didn't feel completed) painting and I realised upon looking at both of these artworks side by side that there are no mistakes and so I added a large dripping speech bubble with my new mantra "There Are No Mistakes" which brought both the paintings together.

If you have any questions about this painting then please feel free to contact me - Sam Freek (The Artist).

Author: Sam Freek