Saturday, October 08, 2016

Pink, Yellow and Green Abstract Wall Art

contemporary, art, abstract, pink, yellow, green, wall art, panoramic, modern, Sam Freek,
Abstract Wall Art by Sam Freek - Pink, yellow and green

contemporary, art, abstract, pink, yellow, green, wall art, panoramic, modern, Sam Freek,
Contemporary abstract wall art for the modern home
 I came up with the phrase contemporary art for the modern home donkey years ago and I like using that phrase but sometimes I I leaving the people out who don't have modern homes (because I want to be fair) so maybe the phrase should be...contemporary art for the modern home and not so modern home....yeh maybe not...anyway...

You know who the colours pink and green remind me of? Nigella Lawson,  as she seems to love that combination of colours so I was originally going to call this artwork Nigella but there's a bit of yellow in there and so I thought about it some more and it reminded me of rhubarb and custard and it stuck.

Here I am just waffling on again when I supposed to be selling you this artwork of mine (looks around) .....(whistles a tune for a while) .................(goes on Twitter and Facebook)...I do like these colours on this artwork as they are not colours I usually create but put them together with a splash of yellow and hey presto (blows a wolf whistle), looking good.

This abstract wall art is available to buy from my website and it can be delivered anywhere in the world, yep, anywhere, I have once even sold a canvas to Hawaii which I was so chuffed about I almost made myself a t-shirt saying "I sold some artwork to Hawaii". Anyway, this striking piece of art, yes striking, started its life out as a photograph and then was digitally manipulated by myself before being printed onto quality, yes quality, canvas before being hand mounted onto 1.5 inch stretcher bars. I like to use 1.5 inch stretcher bars on my artwork as they help make the artwork really stand out from the wall and make an impact. If you have any questions regarding this artwork or any other artwork I have on my wonderful website ( then please feel free to contact me....Sam Freek - The Artist formerly know as Pain In The Arse....well that's what my mum used to call me anyway.

Author: Sam Freek

Industrial Sunset - Urban Photography

industrial, architecture, art, sunset, urban photography, Sam Freek, urban art, contemporary,
Industrial Sunset - Urban Photography by Sam Freek
I'm going to try and write a bit about each photograph I put up on the blog, it just seems to take me a long time to put something together where as I think I could be spending my time creating something. Not sure where the rest of the chimney is on this photo, it looks like half of it is missing and it should be made from bricks.  It was one of those clear warm sunny days where you just want to sit in a beer garden with good beer and conversation, I ended up in the pub until I realised the sun would be setting soon and I hadn't taken many photographs. This was one of the last photographs I took as the sun was setting, I was walking on my way to another pub though :-). 

As well as talk a bit about the photograph I also want to try and persuade you to go and visit my website...(10 minutes pass)....just spent far too much time figuring out what I should write on how to persuade you to look at my website......still thinking. (10 more minutes pass).....I'm thinking a BIG PRETTY PLEASE might do for now?

Author: Sam Freek

Contemporary Abstract Multi Coloured Wall Art

abstract, art, multi coloured, artist, contemporary, wall art, panoramic, abstract art,
Freedom of the Mind - Abstract Art by Sam Freek

abstract, art, multi coloured, artist, contemporary, wall art, panoramic, abstract art,
Multi Coloured Contemporary Abstract Art by Sam Freek

Been busy again this week with taking photographs and creating some new artwork from them and this is the outcome from one. This artwork is/was a photograph of a wall that had markings on it from wear and tear and I have digitally manipulated it into this colourful abstract canvas wall art. I love the deep pink against the electric blue in this artwork as it almost shimmers on the wall.

This is an abstract canvas print which started its life as a photograph, then I digitally manipulated it before it is printed onto high quality canvas and then wrapped around 1.5 inch stretcher bars. Most of my artwork tends to be on 1.5 inch stretcher bars as it helps the artwork make a statement on your wall, its like a wham, bam straight into your eye balls, yes that's what it is....wham bam into your eye balls. 

So, if you like what you see then you can go over to the website ( and have a look around or if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me (Sam Freek) - The Artist. The Human Being. The Hungry Person on a Saturday Morning Who Hasn't Had Her Breakfast Yet.

Author: Sam Freek