Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tears of a Clown - Photography Portrait

A Sad Fruit Bowl - Black and White Photography

black and white photography, fruit bowl, still life, contemporary, photo,
A Sad Fruit Bowl - By Sam Freek
Need to go shopping as the fruit bowl is looking a bit sad.

Black and White Street Scene - Travel Photography

black and white photography, urban, city scene, launderette, shop, Amsterdam, Holland, travel,
Wash O Matic - Amsterdam, Holland by Sam Freek
 This is a black and white photograph of a launderette in Amsterdam, Holland. I used to live above a launderette and I would purposely go down and use this environment as a sleep aid as I would sit and listen to the sounds of the machines whirring and along with the warmth and the dimness of the lighting it would start sending me to sleep. Once the drowsiness hit I would slope off back up to my apartment and go to sleep like a baby. Amsterdam is a beautiful city and I like to visit as often as possible, thinking about it I should probably just go live there and have done with it.

Author: Sam Freek