Tuesday, May 10, 2016

12 Seconds of Budget Accomodation - Art of Sound

This is a 12 second sound clip of what budget accommodation sounds like. It is played alongside a black and white photograph of the view from the inside looking out through slightly skewed curtains onto a not so interesting view of the world. 

Author: Sam Freek

My Nightmare Talking - A Short Art Film

This is a short art film of one of my nightmares talking, bringing the nightmare to life. I think I may have been watching too many David Lynch films and I had a few trippy nightmares so I thought I would bring part of one to life

Author: Sam Freek

To Rent - Multi Coloured Neo Expressionist Art

neo expressionist, art, canvas art, canvas print, contemporary, modern, multi coloured, urban, photography,
Multi Coloured Neo Expressionist Canvas Art Print

neo expressionist, art, canvas art, canvas print, contemporary, modern, multi coloured, urban, photography,
To Rent - Neo Expressionist Canvas Art Print by Sam Freek
When I go out and about taking photographs I sometimes see part of an image I know that I am going to use to create a canvas art print and this is one of them. I loved the grey/blue colour against the random torn white posters and wanted to create a colourful spectacle overlaying it whilst still allowing enough of it to be seen. I'm still working on this style and have picked neo expressionist although it could be described as an urban graffiti style too, whatever it maybe its grungy, colourful and random and I like it. It's trying to create something random whilst still looking like its meant to be there and the only way I can do this is to have a clear mind and let the art build up until something in my head says its time to stop.

This artwork you see is called "To Rent" and it once started off as an urban photograph and then I have digitally drawn/painted over the top of it to create this multi coloured spectacle. The digital photograph/artwork is then printed onto canvas and hand mounted onto 1.5" stretcher bars, I chose 1.5" stretcher bars as they make more of an impact when the art is hung. The canvas has a fine coat of varnish applied which helps protect the artwork and it also makes the colours really stand out. If you have any questions about this canvas art print or any other artwork on my website then please feel free to contact me. - Sam Freek (The Artist). 

Author: Sam Freek

Nature Comes Alive in Ilkley - Travel Photography

The Sunbathing Sheep - nature comes alive
The Sunbathing Sheep - Nature Comes Alive by Sam Freek  
 It was such a sunny day even some of the sheep had sunglasses and a knotted hanky on top of their head.

The Trees Were Shocked at His Angry Outburst - Nature Comes Alive
Shocked and Angry Trees - Nature Comes Alive by Sam Freek
 The trees were shocked at Harold the trees angry outburst in front of the baby bluebells. 

The Drunk Telephone Box - Nature Comes Alive
The Drunk Telephone Box - Nature Comes Alive By Sam Freek
 This red telephone box is drunk and has that "I'm plastered" look on his face. Feeling a bit dizzy he's having to lean against the wall to steady himself or he will fall over.

Here are a few photographs I took on my walk around Ilkley, Yorkshire, England. What a beautiful place it is, I especially loved walking through the small woods that were filled with bluebells that gave off a wonderful fragrance . 

Author: Sam Freek