Thursday, August 25, 2016

Think - Contemporary Multi Coloured Urban Abstract Wall Art

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Think - Urban Abstract Wall Art by Sam Freek
modern canvas print, multi coloured, rainbow colours, Sam Freek, urban art, urban decay, wall art,
Think - Contemporary Multi Coloured Abstract Art by Sam Freek

If you could stare at this artwork and imagine some magical twinkling noises as you look at this artwork for no reason whatsoever.

Well I didn't think I would create another multi coloured abstract wall art today that I really loved enough to put on the website but here is one I have just created called.....wait for it........"Think"....I took me a while to come up with that title let me tell you.  This new contemporary artwork was created from a photo of some urban decay I photographed yesterday whilst walking out and about, today I have digitally manipulated it on my computer to dazzle with the colours of the rainbow and I think it looks swell (never used that word before ....swell). 

 This digitally manipulated photograph is printed onto a high quality canvas before being hand mounted and wrapped around 1.5" stretcher (this size really make the artwork pop out from your wall), to top off this process a fine layer of varnish is applied to protect the artwork and it also enhances the colours. 

This large multi coloured landscape is now available for you to buy online and can be delivered anywhere in this big wide world of ours, if anyone from Hawaii buys it I can always hand deliver it myself and if you could teach me how to surf too that would be great ;-).

If you have any questions regarding this artwork or any other artwork on the website ( then please feel free to contact me. Sam Freek - The Artist

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