Friday, August 12, 2016

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast - Poetry by Sam Freek

Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

She smiled through her prolapsed face
Chocolate teeth from the chocolate cake for breakfast
Heart of gold shone through her cleaning apron
He told me about his day of building a wall
People shocked at the princess's new life

Drawn to reading the unpleasant news
Watching the spasms of outrage unfold
Strangers chatter but no one is listening
Its a mud slide out there
I become ignorant to the carbon-copy authority

Hiding behind the sofa from the collector
The distortion of yesteryear clouds my judgement
Lamentation becomes a cultural habit
As we become expert judges on humanities ideals
Then in she comes with her mop and bucket 

by Sam Freek

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Author: Sam Freek

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