Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Grans Wardrobe - Poem by Word Artist Sam Freek

 Grans Wardrobe

You thought I had all the answers
But you found them in your own head
Next to the wardrobe your gran gave you
Give me a reason
Uncontrollable noise of this urban machine

Nothing comes from nowhere
Contain yourself you said
Broken glass as a back drop
Sounds of the past murmur on
I forget to defrost your path

Can I just express myself from my own mind
Too eager to jump aboard with the crowd
The stench of A and E surrounds me
You wanted a doughnut and I gave you a bagel
Then you set a reminder in your phone

It feels almost complete
Counting up to a hundred on one hand
An Earl Grey tea habit takes over
The compliments keep coming
Double booked we start over again

Author: Sam Freek

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