Tuesday, July 26, 2016

For Sale - Poetry by Word Artist Sam Freek

 For Sale

Going to buy myself some popularity
Are you forming your own opinion?
Peer pressure no longer exists
The surprise comes when people don't listen
So why does everything have to make sense

Its gone half time
Feeling like an outstayed welcome
Fat little white lie made it all good again
Levels were high and the coffee cheap
With no warning I was unrecognisable

Staying on the phone for hours
Clicked home and realised nothing had happened
I enjoyed it when the mind gave no direction
A grey hair in my rear view
Then remembering you owed me sixty quid

Words are losing their meaning
Let me show you where I come from
Before you make your mind up about me
Extending away from the British nightmare
I slide into a deckchair in Hyde Park

I am popular therefore I am right
All the same as long as the superior race is known
Extra on my plate as you sing my praise
Got wasted in a bar and had a deja vu
I left the browser open and became a bot

by Sam Freek

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Author: Sam Freek

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