Thursday, April 28, 2016

Forgotten My Bra - Contemporary Photography with an Illustrated Twist

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Forgotten Bra - Twisted Illustration by Sam Freek
 I took this photograph of a road sign thinking I would create some artwork out of it one day and today I did. It looked to me like the man is pulling the woman away and is wanting to go traveling around the world with their tiny suitcases and with not a care in the world until the woman starts to run and realises she doesn't have a bra on as her boobs fly around uncontrollably all over the place. This thought may have come from a friend who wants to come to the gym with me but tends not to wear a bra and she has rather big boobies. I have agreed to go the gym with her as long as she keeps her 'puppies' under control by wearing a sports bra. There shall be no black eyes whilst running on the treadmill then :-)

Author: Sam Freek

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