Friday, December 11, 2015

Lost In France - Photography

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Lost In France - Travel Photography by Sam Freek
 I was traveling through France and spotted this old farm so I hopped out of my car and climbed over a fence and began to walk towards the farm, as I approached the house I must have startled a herd of cows in the field to the right of the farm and they started running around the back of the building, Realising I had seconds before they came around the corner I knew I wouldn't be able to run back up the field and over the fence in time so I jumped on a small mound of earth and hoped for the best. Luckily the cows ran straight past and into another field (phew), After taking a few photos I ran back up the field as fast as I could and heard the cows begin to run again, arghhhhhhh! I was up that field and over that fence like lightening and when I turned around the cows had resided in their original grazing field to the right of the farm and were nowhere near me.  

Author: Sam Freek

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