Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Why I Don't Like The Colour Purple - Drawing

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Why I Don't Like The Colour Purple
I was looking through my website ( and I noticed that I don't have many canvas wall art prints that are purple, so I asked myself why? My earliest recollection of not liking the colour purple is when I was around 6 years old and my mum used to make me wear these awful frilly purple knickers with pink flowers on. Not wanting to wear them anymore I decided I would get rid of them, not by throwing them in the bin as my mum may find them, but I thought I would bury them in the front garden. With a plastic spade (the ones you build a sand castle with) and the knickers stuffed in my pocket I went to "play" in the front garden. The soil was hard and I couldn't dig down far so I moved what earth I could and threw the knickers in this shallow grave covering them up quickly before anyone saw me. When I stood up and turned around I saw that my mum and dad had been watching me from the window, they asked what I had been doing so I told them I had been digging holes (like you do) and I thought the knickers were gone forever. Within the next couple of days the knickers appeared back in my drawer....MY MUM HAD FOUND THEM! It was like my worst nightmare, my parents had seen me bury the knickers and put them back in my drawer. After my parents had stopped laughing they let me throw them in the bin, never to be seen again. So, I think this has left a mental purple scar on my brain and that is why I don't like the colour purple. 

Abandoned Chair - Urban Photography

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Abandoned Chair - Urban Photography