Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Wigan Pier - 90's Rave

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Wigan Pier 
I went to watch a rugby match the other week in Wigan (Yorkshire vs Lancashire....Yorkshire lost pah!) and on the way to the rugby ground I ended up going past a building that used to be a nightclub called "Wigan Pier", I think it's now offices. This nightclub used to be part of the rave scene in the early 90's and we would travel over from Yorkshire to dance the night away with our glow sticks and pray that the night would never end. There was always a massive queue and if you were at the back there was a risk you wouldn't get in. 

This one weekend me and a friend ended up near the back of the queue and just as we got to the main entrance the bouncer said "we're full", my heart sank as I could hear the music playing and all I wanted to do was dance. We were devastated, so off me and my friend went to the other side of the river to a pub and we stood in the window with sad faces looking over at the nightclub. Then, we spotted some of the nightclub goers had opened the fire door to let all the steam out and to cool down (it would get red hot in there), they continued to dance at the top of the fire exit on the balcony so we saw our queue to get in. We ran over to the fire exit and danced our way up the steps as if we had found gold, as soon as we got to the top of the steps a bouncer came out and said "come on you lot get inside". Me and my friend carried on dancing with the group and even apolgised to the bouncer, WE WERE IN! We spent the rest of the night partying and happy as Larry.  Always a great night to be had at Wigan Pier. 

1975 - Urban Photography

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1975 - Urban Photography