Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hunters by David Chancellor - Impressions Gallery

I could kick myself for having gone to this photography exhibition but I just thought "oh I'll go, it wont be that bad". Well it is and the images are now burnt in my brain.  I'm not even going to share a photograph as I don't want to feel like being part of it and I'm only writing about it to get it off my chest. The exhibition is a selection of photographs taken of dead animals that have been hunted, shot down and stripped of everything apart from their bones so the hunters can hang the dead animal off their wall and feel all manly about it. There's lots of blood and gore and men holding guns looking like twonks and women holding guns looking like they're on the verge of a nervous breakdown after shooting Bambi. So that's it really, if you like gore and get a kick out of being shocked then this is for you. Oh and another thing, if you like looking at art and photography in peace and quiet then don't go to the Impressions Gallery on a weekend as the gallery turns into a creche and you may as well be looking at the photographs stood in a playground. Rant over.

Where Have All The Children Gone? - Photography

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Where Have All The Children Gone? - Contemporary Photography