Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where Do They Come From? Experimental Film

Here we have a short experimental art film called "Where Do They Come From?". Just had the idea and wanted to create it. I need to get these ideas out of my head and get creating. Keep on growing!

Photography - The Hills Are Alive

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music, art, photography, collage
The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music -  Photography
Thought I would pop Julie Andrews on top of a white box in my local petrol station as seen in the film "The Sound of Music" singing "The Hills are Alive". You know I have never seen the film "The Sound of Music" nor have I seen the Titanic film all the way through, anyway, I think she definitely brightens the place up. Mini singing Julie Andrews should pop up all over the country in random places and to make it that extra special maybe the Andrews figures could spin around and around. 

Metropolis - Film Review

Metropolis at the National Media Museum
Went to see Fritz Lang's 1927 silent film, Metropolis at the National Media Museum last night in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The film is silent but there was a live piano accompaniment throughout the film which helps to keep you awake as it was the longer restored version (148 minutes) which had the recently found missing scenes added. These missing scenes came about as in 2008, a damaged print of Lang’s original cut of the film was found in a museum in Argentina (can you imagine stumbling upon that?), which means the film is now 95% restored.  

Metropolis is set in a futuristic city and tells the story of how the workers rise up against the capitalist regime. There's also a love story and a bit of science fiction (where the robot comes to life) which for me is the best part of the film, its such an iconic image and how the hell did they create them rings moving up and down the robot back in the 1920's without computer generated graphics? Instead of waffling on here is a list of why I enjoyed the film.

1. It's silent which means I use my imagination more to work out whats going on.
2. The piano accompaniment, its like 2 for 1, I get to watch a film and listen to some great live music.
3. The Gothic cityscapes are amazing to look at (even though I expected Freddie Mercury to come on and sing Radio Ga Ga). 
4.  The robot is like a futuristic work of art, like a Michelangelo of the science fiction world.
5.  The magnitude of the film set of the 'workers city' (and again I expected to see Madonna walk down the steps with her monocle singing Express Yourself).

All in all I enjoyed watching the film and listening to the piano accompaniment and it didn't drag on as much as I thought it was going to. If the film had been made today I would have regarded it as a Sci-Fi 'chick flick' so wouldn't have gone to see it at all. Looking forward to seeing another silent movie though, I think I'm addicted to them. 

Floor Two - Urban Photography

floor two, urban photography, photo, contemporary, art,
Floor Two - Urban Photography