Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Flashback - Modern Canvas Wall Art

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Flashback - Contemporary Canvas Wall Art

Flashback by Sam Freek

Here I am again attempting to write my thoughts on my art. The thoughts don't come easy and I usually end up procrastinating until I guilt myself into writing something but today I am going to persevere until my brain can put into words what it is I like about this art. Can I just say that I woke up in a really grumpy mood this morning and when I opened the curtains they fell on my head and I wanted to explode into a rage but then I imagined I must look like a child pretending to be a ghost with these curtains sat on my head so I started laughing. Just felt like sharing that with you. 

So back to the art work ....This is one of my most recent canvas prints which has now been added to the website and it is a photograph that has been digitally manipulated to sharpen and bring out the colours of these torn posters. Being a bit of an events junkie who likes to always have something to do on a weekend I tend to look at these posters for anything I may like to take part in, but these posters are in an area of town that not many people wander (shops have closed down) so the posters are now not getting updated as much and have ended up creating a colourful collage of historical events. Most of my canvas wall art are photographs of random abstract surfaces that have been created over a period of time and this is an epitome of this style. I love the randomness of the colours and the contrast of the tarnished posters against the still visible bright pieces. Almost 3D looking these torn, worn out and weathered posters unite into a grungy formation and show that there is life yet in these abstruse adverts in becoming an unusual and yet compelling work of art.    

This red, orange, yellow, blue, green, black, grey (might be easier to say multi-coloured) and white limited edition, canvas wall art is giclee printed onto high quality canvas before being hand mounted and wrapped onto 1.5 inch stretcher bars, a fine layer of varnish is also added to each print to highlight the artwork and to add extra protection. Various sizes and styles (landscape, triptych and square) are available to buy online with custom sizes of up to 78 inch available (premium bars) and all my artwork can be delivered anywhere in this amazing world of ours. If you have any questions about this canvas wall art , paintings, art prints or any of the photography on the website please feel free to contact me (Sam Freek). 

Creepy Dolls - Contemporary Photography

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Creepy Dolls - Contemporary Photography