Thursday, July 31, 2014

Urban Cracks - Abstract Photography

urban, photography, abstract, contemporary
Urban Abstract - Sam Freek

Found this urban abstract whilst out and about taking photographs. I'm always on the look out for abstract photographs and I appreciate the weathered cracks and the peeling paint that this photograph has to offer. 

Everything and Nothing - Contemporary Wall Art

Everything and Nothing - Contemporary Wall Art

Everything and Nothing by Sam Freek

I closed the door on using colour in this art work as I wanted to expose the subject in a pure and raw form. Choosing grey and white to lessen the detail around the random and yet significant aspects of the artwork has crudely highlighted the other areas in a genuine expressive manner.
I find this art work to come across as a truthful, modest art piece that could be seen as cosmetically unappealing through its lack of colour and disparate composition but this is outweighed by being thought provoking and in that it provides us with a mirror to our soul by showing you your true character when presented with something that doesn't rely solely on its superficial appearance.

This limited edition canvas art print is available as a landscape, square or triptych in various sizes and can be delivered worldwide. If you have any questions regarding this canvas art or any other art work on my web site then please don't hesitate to contact me (Sam Freek).

Spitting Words - Illustration

illustration, drawing, sketch, thoughts
Spitting Words - Illustration