Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Inactive - Contemporary Art for the Modern Home

brown, cream, green, earthy, rusty, wall art, contemporary
Inactive - Contemporary Wall Art

Inactive by Sam Freek
Yet again I find myself revelling in the bricks and mortar of the industrious landscape of which I seem to have a great affinity with. The letters GB appear faintly amid this art work and signify the words "Great Britain" and have an active part in bringing to life the warm earthy colours that fill this canvas print. Although at first glance these colours appear muted and prosaic I find that the longer I stare at the piece the more I become immersed within these delightful rich tones which radiate a soothing glow bringing about a comfortable calmness. The bricks unify the art work and signify an industrious strength and yet at the same time they bring about a serene harmony to the piece by working in unison to create a beautiful and inspiring piece of art.

The large, square canvas print is available in various sizes and can be shipped worldwide. If you have any questions regarding this wall art or any other canvas print on my web site please feel free to contact me (Sam Freek). 

Alien Face - Urban Photography

alien, face, urban, photography
Urban Alien Face - Sam Freek

Finding a face in some random urban surface is like finding a pot of gold to me (well maybe a lucky penny), it makes my day anyway and then I feel happy. Here is an urban photograph of an alien face or a character from a Tim Burton movie.