Monday, July 28, 2014

The Only Way To Go - Wall Art For The Contemporary Home

The Only Way To Go - Contemporary Wall Art 

The Only Way To Go by Sam Freek
Black, white, red, grey and blue/black make up this modernistic expressive urban abstract. The grey and white overlay the black in a haphazard manner which adds texture and a disorderly appearance to the artwork. A graphic looking red arrow has been placed onto the artwork which beckons you to the piece as if to summon you into its disregard for orderliness. A stylish,  unequivocal piece of contemporary art with an arbitrary twist.  This canvas art print is available as a large landscape in various sizes. If you have any questions regarding this wall art or any other art piece on my web site, please contact me (Sam Freek).

Abstract Collage - Photography

abstract, collage, urban, photography
Abstract Collage by Sam Freek
I have cut and chopped up photos to make this abstract collage, the original photos are of an electric pylon against a blue sky at various stages during the day.