Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Going Steady - Black and White Art

Going Steady - Black and White Wall Art

Going Steady by Sam Freek
I am always tempted to add a bit of colour to black and white art as my first impressions are that it lacks luster but with this artwork I found myself sidestepping the colour palette and seeing past that misconception. The overlapping heavy defacement that covers this artwork has many layers created by the youth of today that wish to establish acknowledgement from society,so rather than mask these proclamations with colour I left the rawness to shine through and create a simple yet compelling piece of art.

'Going Steady' canvas art print is available to buy online as a large landscape, square or triptych in various sizes and can be shipped worldwide. If you have any questions regarding this artwork or the photography on my website then please feel free to contact me (Sam Freek). 

I Do Not Know Sometimes - Illustration

I Do Not Know Sometimes - Illustration

6" x 6" Full colour photographic print  -  £20.00 (free p&p)