Monday, July 21, 2014

We Are All For Sale - Contemporary Art

For Sale - Contemporary Art
We are all for sale and can be bought is the message of this artwork. I used to think I couldn't be bought but bring me a pork pie from my local butchers shop and you can slam down the auctioneers hammer as I'm sold. 

Time For Action - Panoramic Abstract Wall Art

Time For Action - Contemporary Wall Art

Time For Action by Sam Freek
This large blue abstract panoramic wall art print almost looks 3D as the cracked paint appears to 'pop' out from the canvas. The irregularity of the crackling of paint opposed to the worn bare wood brings together the artwork as a whole and you cannot help but gaze at this compelling piece of art. This canvas art print is available in various sizes and can be shipped worldwide. For more information or if you have any queries please contact me (Sam Freek).

Dear Uncle Reg

Dear Uncle Reg

Found these postcards and just loved reading the back and looking at the old photo on the front. I like receiving postcards and I don't see many people sending them any more. Holiday makers are keeping in touch with people back home over the internet now it seems to be something that is in decline.