Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finding Space - Wall Art

'Finding Space' by Sam Freek

Contemporary art for the modern home

'Finding Space' by Sam Freek is a contemporary grey, blue, black and white abstract wall art canvas print. This urban abstract print pops out from the wall of this stylish and modern contemporary home in a contrasting statement that makes a real eye opening center piece. For more information on sizes and worldwide delivery please contact me (Sam Freek). 

Tumbleweed or Bad Hair Day? - Illustration

Tumbleweed or Bad Hair Day? - Illustration

Woke up to a nightmare of a hair do. I could be mistaken for a walking tumbleweed today! If only I could wake up like they do in the movies with pristine hair and make up. Maybe I should invest in a lot of different wigs.

6" x 6" Full colour photographic print  -  £20.00 (free p&p)

Patterns - Illustration

Pattern - Illustration

Some days I see patterns in everyday objects and then other days it's like there is a mental block and I see nothing. To kick start this visual ability I am starting to draw patterns and here is one I made earlier (said like a presenter from Blue Peter).