Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tina Turner - Cartoon

I do like listening to a bit of Tina Turner, she has an amazing voice and stage presence. I know she may have retired now but I think she should do one last tour for me at my local pub maybe? Oh, wow, can you imagine that? The local pub writes on their "What's On" board.....Tina Turner live on Saturday. Nobody would believe them and it would be like having my own private concert, well, me and the regulars that is. 

by Sam Freek of didgi widgi ~ canvas art , photography art prints

Author: Sam Freek

Explosion of Words - Illustration

Explosion of Words

BANG! When I find it hard to express myself I feel the need to make those damn words explode in my mind and start again. There are memories that I have that I wish I could explode in a safe place in my mind, but then again they make the person who I have become.