Monday, May 12, 2014

Windy Weather - Sketch

Windy weather,oh the joy of trying to look like you're ok with it whilst wobbling from side to side at a ninety degree angle, clutching onto your clothes in case they fly off with your hair swirling around your head making natty dreadlocks along with the tears streaming down your face. You arrive at your destination as if you have been sleeping rough for weeks. Thinking about it, if my hair is ever a mess I should just say "it's windy outside" and point towards the door.  

by Sam Freek of didgi widgi ~ canvas art , photography art prints

Author: Sam Freek

Door To Another World - Photography

Door to another world

I regularly take photos of doors, especially when they have character. The door is from a derelict old mill and in my mind I see myself walking through that door and back to a time when the mill would have been buzzing with noise and life.