Thursday, May 08, 2014

Trying to Get a Signal on Phone - Illustration

I have a mobile phone and sometimes I don't know why I bother having one as I can't get a signal on it where I live. I spend most of my time waving the thing around in the air trying to get one bar! So to make a phone call I end up squashing my face up against the bathroom window talking to someone so I don't break up! 

by Sam Freek of didgi widgi ~ canvas art , photography art prints

Author: Sam Freek

Hangover Breakfast - Photography

Hangover Breakfast

Sitting in a cafe with a hangover and staring at the menu and wondering what to eat to help you get rid of that feeling. Wanting to order everything from the menu as you are hungry and indecisive with a cloudy brain. The lights shine brightly in your eyes and you realise you should wear shades even though its raining outside and you'll look like a rock star wannabe.