Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ceramics - Mendy Arp

Would love to dabble with ceramics and see what I could make. This is a ceramic piece by Mendy Arp and its something I hope I could come up with. It reminds me of a vase my mum had on her fireplace in the 1970's.

Author: Sam Freek

Tina Turner - Illustration

Watching Tina Turner live at the moment as I am doing a bit of work before heading out to the gym. One of my favourite concerts is Tina Turner live in Rio '88. The lady knows how to rock it out! I loved that concert that much I have just bought another live DVD of her and this is the "Best Of" and I am loving every minute of it. 

illustration, drawing, Tina Turner,

Author: Sam Freek

Black and White Photography by Antonio Gutiérrez Pereira

Loving this odd, eccentric black and white photo by Antonio Gutiérrez Pereira. It's reminds me of what a child would do if it was left alone at the dinner table with a pair of glasses and a camera. 

Author: Sam Freek

Vintage Advert - Third Eye That Sees All

Oh I love looking at old vintage adverts for daft products. I always wonder who and how many people actually bought them. Although I also wonder which adverts people in the future will laugh at from this era and think the same thing.

Author: Sam Freek

Photography - Tokyo Rush Hour ~ Michael Fulvia

I could never get on a subway this packed. I once got stuck in a lift that was overcrowded for about half an hour and that was bad enough.