Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Tree Bark - Photography

Like the texture and colour on this tree bark especially the rusty brown spots.

View of Benidorm - Photography

Walked a very steep hill in Benidorm, Spain and captured this view on my phone.

Spanish Graffiti - Photography

Love the colours and the decay on this Spanish graffiti.

Car Towed Away Sign - Photography

A scratched sign that I liked the look of whilst walking up a very steep hill.

Cross on the Hill - Photography

Cross on the hill in Benidorm. From up there you can see for miles and miles and if the sun is out, an amazing sunset too.

Beach at Night - Photography

Spanish beach at night as seen through drunken eyes.

Costa Games Menu - Photography

Grungey, run down menu board I liked the look of walking around town on New Years Eve in Spain.

Face in the Pavement - Photography

Walking along the street and spotted this face in the pavement.