Thursday, November 28, 2013

Contemporary Art by Daniel Arsham

Here we have five examples of contemporary art by Daniel Arsham. Today I am loving art using just white and this is why the following sculptures made an impact with me. Apart from liking Arsham's use of white one or two of his art works made me chuckle which is always a bonus in my books. The art also incorporates the use of the surrounding wall and by applying this method it makes the art appear visibly larger. The meaning behind them? I don't know, I love looking at them and they made me laugh and that is all that matters to me today.

Author: Sam Freek

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Alicia Martin Lopez - Surreal Art

I'm bored of looking at the so called "great artists" of our time so I'm looking further afield and looking for some new and unusual art and I found some with art work by Alicia Martin Lopez. Not sure if they are paintings or illustrations but I like the creepy feel they give me when I look at them. This top example reminds me of a still from a PlayStation game I used to play called "Abe". Abe was the character from the game and walked around a surreal looking planet full of weird and creepy creatures. The green atmosphere that envelopes the creature adds to the abnormal world the artist has created and adds to the inquisitive feeling her work gives me of wanting to know more, who, where, what are they and why do they they appear to be breaking up? 

Both these artworks are fascinating as they are pulled from the imagination and they take you into the fantasy world of the artist. Observing this fantasy world makes me feel uneasy, but why should it? It's only because I am looking at what is not the "norm" and so creates an apprehensive feeling towards both these creations, for all I know they could be the most friendliest of individuals.

Author: Sam Freek

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jack Beal - What Do You See?

Looking at two paintings by Jack Beal today, having never heard of the painter before or seen his work I have chosen this top painting as I like the colours and shadows on the woman's body and the green blanket laid next to her. The woman and the blanket look very realistic whilst the rest of the painting look like its a bit all over the place and skewiff, it's almost like there is two separate styles of painting in one. Maybe he is just really good at painting realistic bodies but objects to scale and at correct angles maybe not so much. The belly button appears to be missing as it looks a little odd around the stomach area. The room might be his studio as there seems to be a few different props lying around, it seems a bit cluttered so its either small or he just can't be bothered to move anything to tidy it up. I would have preferred not to have either of the chairs in painting or the plant hanging down as they give me the feeling of wanting to move them out of the way.

This second painting has some brilliant shadows painted into it. I am thinking it is the same small studio as the previous painting as its still untidy and is starting to resemble a second hand shop with the mismatched furniture scattered everywhere. The model is partly hidden behind some furniture and he probably had every intention of painting her in full view and from a different view point but I get the feeling he is dictated to by the shadows. If the shadows look and fall right over the subjects at that particular moment and angle, then that is when and where he paints. 

Author: Sam Freek

Monday, November 25, 2013

Photography - To Add a Meter To an Anonymous Mountain ~ Zhang Huan

All Pile On! I just stumbled across this photo by Zhang Huan on the internet and it reminded me of when you were at school and you played a game called "All Pile On". The game or odd way to pass the time, was about getting as many people piling on top of one another before the people at the bottom couldn't take any more. So this "To Add a Meter To an Anonymous Mountai" photograph is a bit like a naked version of this school game.

Author: Sam Freek

Jean Michel Basquiat - What Do You See?

Writing for a blog is taxing on my brain cells. I have got two Jean Michel Basquiat paintings to chat about tonight. This first painting is like a large, painted, brain storming session of the ideas he came up with when thinking about "Hollywood Africans". The words that are crossed out remind me of something you see scratched on the wall by a child who is angry or confused about something on his mind. The word "gangsterism" sits at the bottom and is painted onto black to maybe signify the negative aspect of the thug like behaviour. Maybe "Hollywood Africans" is the name of a gangster gang Basquiat is painting about? The whole painting just reminds me of a whole load of ideas thrown onto a canvas, it's a colourful mood board for Hollywood Africans. 

I like this painting, it is very childlike and even has child like writing scrawled along the top left which is un-intelligible. The colours are earthy and warm and make up the whole of the painting. The head, hair and face are made up of sporadic compartments of colours and lines, which seems to make it more representational of being a tribal mask rather than a painting of someone's actual face. 

Author: Sam Freek

Friday, November 22, 2013

Creepy Villain Piano Tune

I am going to have this creepy villain piano tune playing in a loop as my ring tone and when I answer it I will open my eyes real wide and look scared. :-D

Author: Sam Freek

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Will Barnet - What Do You See?

It's getting to that time of day where I just want to switch the computer off and sod it but I said to myself I should put a post up on the blog everyday, so this is it. OK lets give Will Barnet a look at. This top painting or illustration (i'm not quite sure) is made up of blocks of colour and has very little detail. It is of a woman laid in bed with a cat snuggled up on her midriff. The woman looks like she has been disturbed whilst she's been reading as she has lifted the book up in the air to get a better view of whatever it is that has disrupted her bedtime reading. The woman looks neither sad nor happy and if anything the cat looks more upset about the disturbance. Maybe the woman is Barnet's wife? Maybe, he just came home one night and sat at the end of the bed and started creating this art work, as she does seem to be pulling an "oh, not me again" face. 

This black and white illustration or painting is of a gathering of women stood on the end of a pier above what appears to be water. All of the women are chatting to each other in groups and to differentiate the bodies Barnet has used varying shades of grey and even put an ever so slight bit of detail in their clothing. The long shawls, conservative hem lines along with their conventional hair style tells me the women are from the Victorian era. The lack of colour brings about a morbid feel to this artwork and this gives me the impression they have all either been to a funeral in their dark attire or maybe that's their everyday work wear and they're all taking a break in the fresh air from the laborious daily grind. There are no men in this artwork, which reiterates that this artwork is illustrating life from the Victorian era, as it was a time when men and women took breaks from work separately. I get the feeling that Barnet wasn't physically present at this gathering either, as the women are faceless which gives off a dreamlike appearance. Or, maybe he even just created it from a memory of a photo or from a detailed recollection from an acquaintance. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Francis Bacon - What Do You See?

Ooooo Francis Bacon day. My first ever recollection of a "Francis Bacon" was seeing his work in the Tate Gallery in Liverpool. I was stood looking at one of his paintings from a distance and a snotty woman came flouncing in and took one look at the painting and winced at her gallery buddy and shook her head, on closer inspection she read out in a surprised voice "Francis Bacon", her expression changed into a face of admiration and approval, it was then I realised that even in the art world people can also be fickle enough to pretend to like something simply because of the name.

Moving onto the first painting by Francis Bacon, this painting looks like there is a burst water pipe and the red arrow is pointing out the point of origin. There appears to be part of a newspaper strewn on the floor that looks like litter so maybe this is suggesting it is outside somewhere. Behind the blast of water looks like it could be a turnstile of some sort. The blue at the top of the painting is like that of a clear sunny day along with the black underneath that could be there to represent the shadows. The floor looks like a sandy colour so it could be a path leading to a beach? The whole painting doesn't seem to make much sense to me and it could even be a painting that was meant to be something else and realising his error, 'Bacon' painted madly across the middle, walked away, only to return to the painting and notice in his madness it now looks like water bursting from from some kind of hole in the ground or pipe.

This second painting is a portrait of someone painted in 'Bacons's' famous and very recognisable style. It looks to be a man in a dark room who is wearing a dark suit. The way the face is painted reminds me of looking at someone through some sort of kaleidoscope or a window which is distorted like the glass ones used in bathrooms. If you stand away from the painting you can get a better idea of what the person actually looks like as there isn't much detail available. Although the persons face is distorted the mind seems to be able to piece together the right hand side of the face as the left appears to be in darkness. The way the face is painted looks like the paint has been slowly pushed around and left in random places using curves and swirls, is this to show movement or is it just his style?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Frank Auerbach Paintings - What Do You See?

Back on with describing what I see in various art and photography for the blog. As well as giving me some inspiration I'm hoping it will help me describe my wall art too. Below are two paintings by Frank Auerbach, I have seen some of his paintings before but have no idea about his intentions behind the paintings. 

The painting below at first reminded me of what you would be able to see through an abstract steamed up window looking out onto some fields/meadow with a clear blue sky and a tractor which makes up the scattered red. Now I have looked at it for slightly longer I can see it could be some marsh land and broken up bushes where someone has waded through. Maybe Frank Auerbach just had some left over colours from other paintings and got rid of them all using mad, sporadic painting strokes or he could have started to paint a field and it all turned out wrong and thought "hey, I like it" and put it out there as a work of art anyway. 

Now this painting below by Frank Auerbach I like. I love the earthy colours and the fact that there isn't much detail in the painting, its left up to you what this woman looks like. The woman is maybe sat in front of a fire with her arms crossed in that comforting hugging yourself position and resting her head with her eyes closed. Its an oil painting and its thickly applied so it looks like you could scoop it off, its almost like a sculpture on a canvas it is that textured.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Wall Art - "Sunrise" - Limited Edition Art

I find it a little bit difficult to describe my wall art as I just tend to see something that catches my eye and then I take a photo of it, but I know at the back, left or right side of my mind there will be a meaning or explanation to why I find it appealing. This wall art  is called "Sunrise" as the warm red, yellow and orange colours remind me of an early morning summer sunrise. Even though the wall art is printed onto canvas and is flat, the abstract rust marks give off a visual textured feel to the artwork. I find the random markings of a weathered piece of metal appealing because you will never find another like it, it's simply unique.

Most of the wall art on my web site is available as a landscape, square or triptych for you to choose from, I like to give the customers that choice as the art is suited to each one of them styles. 

This wall art has a warm feel about it, but bold enough to make a subtle, yet striking statement in any modern home.

What do you see/feel when you look at this artwork?