Sunday, July 08, 2012

Photography - Local Off Licence

Took this photo of the lady who works in my local off licence. It will be illegal to show any cigarettes or tobacco in the UK after 2015, they are already covered up in supermarkets.

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Photography - Landlord of Working Man's Club

This is a photo of the landlord from a local working man's club. Went in on Friday for the first time just to have a nosey. It wasn't that busy at all but met some nice people there and put a few songs on the juke box.

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Photography - Lock on the canal

Another lock along the canal.

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Photography - Huddersfield Canal

Another photo of a lock taken on the canal as I walked to Slaithwaite.

Photography - Walk Along the Canal

Walking along the canal from Slaithwaite and keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain like it has been doing for the past few days. Looking forward to a full English breakfast on my return.