Friday, June 15, 2012

Photography - Italian Flags in Amalfi

Photography - Cool Alley in Italy

Photography - T'amo Italia

T'Amo seems to be amongst a lot of the graffiti over here in Italy.

Photography - Natural Viagra, Italy

This shop seemed to be popular with the tourists lining up to take photos.

Photography - Stairs in Italy

Some more stairs for me to climb on my way around Amalfi. I'm going to have huge calf muscles by the end of this holiday :-).

View from hotel in Maiori, Amalfi Coast

This is a small video clip of the view from our hotel. Will be Watching this back in England on a rainy day :-).

Photography - Lemons from Amalfi

Lemons trees are everywhere on the Amalfi coast and the Italians make this lemon liquer which I have yet to try.

Photography - Amalfi Sign Italy

After walking around the cliffs and bends on the way to Amalfi I thought the end was in sight.....oh no...just a flight of steps to go and I'm there. Worth walking all that way though. Beautiful place.

Photography - Torn Posters

I love the look of torn posters on a billboard. These are some Italian posters.