Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photography - Amalfi Coast

Just one of the many bends on the Amalfi Coast.

Photography - Italian Door

Yes I love old doors. This is yet another photograph of a door I took along the way to Amalfi.

Photography - Italian Bus

This seemed to be the norm walking around the cliff on the way to Amalfi, bus coming around the bend and a car coming the other way only to find there isn't enough room for both. Someone has to give way and its usually the car.

Photography - Ti Amo

Bit of graffiti on an Italian sign.

Photography - Italian Scooter

I love Italy, the food is amazing, the people are friendly, the weather is glorious and everywhere I look there is a photo to be taken. Not going far today as I have been bitten by mosquitos all over my feet, on my big toe too, so have a chill day and a drink. Itching to get out and take more photos though.

Photography - Bus Stop on a bend

Here is a bus stop on bend, just one of the beggars you have to walk around risking life and limb to get to Amalfi! But well worth it as it is beautiful.

Photography - Italian Painting

I noticed this painting on the side of someone's house as I was walking along the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Photography - Italian Door

Walking along the Amalfi coast I spotted this door as I sat on a wall waiting for a bus to go past me.

Photography - Italian Hallway

The door was open so I took this photo of an Italian hallway. A lady walked in and said I could carry on taking photos so I did. Nice and cool in these hallways. I could see myself living there and having a studio.

Photography - Italian side street

Out and about in Italy and ended up getting lost which is something I like to do. Another side street/back alley in Italy.