Friday, March 05, 2021

Selling Art For Cryptocurrency

Hello world just a very quick update about what is going down over in Didgi Widgi Art World :-). 

Firstly I hope you are all hunky dory and feeling mighty fine. 

Secondly, we are going crypto! Yehhhhhhhh P A R T Y time! :-) 

Yes we are in the process of being able to accept cryptocurrency for my artwork (paintings) from the Didgi Widgi website. Just bought the secure certificate to start the process -

The website has a brand new lock and is all secure awaiting crypto currency to come flowing in for my art. 

To the moon peeps! 

Have a lovely day! 

Will be back soon once crypto payments can be accepted. 

Author: Sam Freek

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Buy Art Online Using Cryptocurrency - Bitcoin Cash

 Hello World! Hope you are all hunky dory and ready for the newish form of currency.....the cryptocurrency ....(waves arms about and jumps up and down). 

I am just starting to work out how to accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash) for my artwork. At the moment it looks like I can accept Bitcoin Cash through my Coinbase Wallet but if you have a preferred cryptocurrency then please just contact me or drop a comment in the box below.

If you are a newbie to this cryptocurrency like I am then you can open up an account at Coinbase using the link below. Once you have opened an account and initiate a buy or sell of $100 USD or more (or 100 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) within 180 days of opening your account, we will both receive a 10 USD (or 10 USD equivalent of your domestic currency) referral bonus when the order completes. Orders can take up to 4 business days to complete.

Coinbase - Secure platform to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency

 The future looks amazing now :-) This gives the power and money back to the people. The future is going to be amaze balls peeps! Hop onto crypto now ......Yehhhh.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Author: Sam Freek

Friday, November 27, 2020

Abstract Multi Coloured Wall Art - Digital Painting by Sam Freek

Large multi coloured abstract wall art
On To The Hound Dogs - Multi Coloured Abstract Art

Vibrant abstract digital painting by Sam Freek
Vibrant multi coloured abstract art

Close up of abstract wall art

Hello there peeps! I hope you are all doing amaze balls and are feeling chipper. I have a brand spanking new abstract artwork for you to feast your eye balls on. This new abstract art piece is a vibrant digital painting entitled 'On To The Hound Dogs' and is available in various sizes. What is a digital painting? I hear you say, well let me tell you :-) .....It is an art form whereby traditional painting techniques are used by means of a computer or a tablet and stylus using software. To create the abstract wall art this abstract digital painting is then printed onto quality canvas before being hand mounted onto 1.5 inch stretcher bars. A fine layer of varnish is applied for protection and to enhance the colours even more so they pop out and gently slap you about the face ;-). 

This artwork can be posted anywhere in this big old world of ours, fully tracked so you can follow the progress. If you have any questions regarding this artwork or any other art pieces you have seen on my website ( then please feel free to contact me, Sam Freek - The Artist. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day - sending happy vibes 

Sam x

Author: Sam Freek