Friday, January 03, 2020

Tripped Into The 21st Century - Surreal Poetry by Sam Freek

 Tripped Into The 21st Century

Come on roll me over and spin the wheel
Destiny found you on the 14th floor next to the fire escape
Fine day for it shouted the prisoner from the cheese jail
The plant never stopped growing and neither did my left ear lobe
12 hundred million calories to burn off after eating the contents of 27 supermarkets
How many corner shops in Cleckhuddersfax?
Steamy windows in the side door from the overcooked potato that looked like Engelbert Humperdinck
You have seen all this a hundred times before in the nude

No I have not

He's behind you
This is not a Punch and Judy show for the masses
Wind your neck in before it gets trapped between the two buses on the way to Hebden Bridge
I grow the flakes of fortune in the steel blue bucket
If I can decide on a new birth year can it be 1962 please?
The cold weather brought smiles from a cat which liked to scratch itself on an inverted Venus flytrap
Did I trip into the 21st century or was I pushed?
This poem was brought to you in association with the mighty bang
Find me a full stop which will create some sparkle in and around the swamp of cells

I have seen the past from the outside looking in and it needs shaking up
Dragged the day along by half a mile
Phoned the blase blah man who wanders around a lake singing yippee I ay
Scream to a wobbling halt
It's tea time said Francis

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Author: Sam Freek

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