Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Cell Block Interchange of Wobbly Bardot - Surreal Poetry by Sam Freek

 The Cell Block Interchange of Wobbly Bardot

I was invaded by old grandma perfume from the 19th floor of the west building
My toes curled like forgotten fridge ham
You talk too loud for my atomic ears
Off you trot to the dough making contraption
Lets hear you shake, rattle and click hips with my good neighbour
My pen is low on ink so I must buy more
You have nothing on me so give me my change before I call the cops
I was flying low
How low?
Low enough to see the cell block interchange of wobbly Bardot
My you are a lucky girl
I know

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What are you, the speaking clock?
Dial a disc was needed to recuperate
I missed my cue and the tree fell silently
A row of muffin tops appeared before the magistrate
The numbers didn't add up so I left the airless grey room to swell
I've been decorating the walls with till receipts for over 2 years now
Could you stop playing the tiny harp on the back of the drunken shrimp please?

I shall wear nothing but spandex in Spring
The conveyor belt ground to a halt
All rise
I missed my lines by 3 minutes
Move over my dear I'm coming with you

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Author: Sam Freek

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