Thursday, January 02, 2020

Icebergs and Turkey Necks - Surreal Poetry by Sam Freek

 Icebergs and Turkey Necks

You are under no obligation to read this
Please be aware that the tiny writing on the wall tapers at the end
Odd man out was the new film to watch with city dwellers
Dynamic skills saw rapid monetary growth
Each muscle twitched with excitement to the sound of pillow chatter
A mammoth revelation lay dormant until favour found the secret whistle

Tuesday night saw crispy duck and pancake playing hide and seek amongst the stars
The child with little worldly knowledge of how to keep up with tidy habits threw orange sticks
Move over, but little was done
Its all smoke and mirrors by the morning
Funny thing was....
They were Gucci
But I am not from Italy
The air stewardess knew this and began having a tug of war with a fourteen foot long napkin

The shaving rash look caught on in the southern hemisphere
I read the Sunday papers backwards at 62 words per minute which could be a world record
The shag pile carpet moved along by 4 inch
I was vexed at the empty wall whilst hoping Martha could be seen with my x-ray specs on
Wandering around unassisted I soon became aware of my super powers

Murmurs filled the empty paper bag that arrived from Stone Chair
Not sure about this detox came into my head in a large speech bubble sprayed green
I felt the wobble from the side and became exposed

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Author: Sam Freek

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