Friday, January 31, 2020

Gathering of Energy - Surreal Poetry by Sam Freek

Gathering of Energy

Gather round and bring me some energy
Not in a can that leaves me sleepless
Sleepless and wired
Sleepless and wired
It's not for me but I keep ignoring the truth
The truth I have turned my back on
Like pushing it to the back of a cupboard
Behind the tin of cooked mushrooms
That nobody wants

The flesh needs to recover
Needs time to heal
This is not the time for a journey alone
They don't seem to care
They don't seem to know
Where is this compassion?
Where is my soul?
Little energy
Slides away

Taking over me
Passing the supermarket of memories
Can I multiple purchase the good ones?
The shop seems full
Full of people bumping into each other
No smiles
Or kindness
Just slow dancing in the aisles
Looking into mirrorless souls

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Author: Sam Freek

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