Monday, September 30, 2019

The Ecilop Service - surreal POetry by Freek

The Ecilop Service

Cuddled a star fish
Dropped my earlier thoughts off at the theatre
It's a trifle cold
Came across a sleep walking antelope
The phone rang in an orange tone
I was cut off from the world for 19 hours
Walked around with a pigeon chest in my marshmallow shoes
Waved goodbye to myself on the romantic steam train to Haworth
As I swirled to the right the teapot growled
Not the one I
Not the one you
Tell me in double time

Winning an award for not showing up was fun
Changed history with visual lies
Sank back into the soft incline of a broken trampoline
We counted forbidden words under the stars on our fingers and toes
I carried a cloud around in my breast pocket
Phoned 666 and got in touch with the ecilop service
A countdown progressed and I ran away
The imagination stretched as far as Soothill
Wrote a list of items I wanted
x 4 frozen snow globes
Muffled vibes from an ecstatic mermaid
Some broken bunk bed ladders from the 80's
A door bell that played the sound of gun fire

My emotions unfolded into over starched garments
Branded by the letter H I slipped away into the pages of a new way of life
I became grounded
Fossil like
Two pennies worth
Wobbled like a frankfurter as a German Christmas market
Was that an over share?

Faked it
Sold a few necessities
Then barked

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Author: Sam Freek

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