Friday, August 09, 2019

Who Wants To Live Under a Microscope? - Surreal POetry by Freek

 Who Wants To Live Under a Microscope?

I carry an invisible empty cage which is twice my body weight and is harnessed onto my braincase
Recoiled to the side so I had to pay more rates as there were no more careers in blackmail
Started growing a concrete garden which pointed to France
Too many dreamers in their Cortina’s became a part time heavy rock band but not that heavy really
Changed your last name from Sykes to Mark My Words and the peanuts skimmed about in transit
What now?

I lip read a silent film as Friday unfolded before it was copied and pasted 49 times
Many have been there but the shift work pattern had become embroiled
The future has now been eliminated as the wheels have gone to the highest bidder
You stopped yourself from growing old by becoming a princess and vowed and bowed before rising
Don’t take a chance on the man behind the tinted windows
Spoke in office tongue for 35 minutes before it became along for the ride
The report increased the low-pitched lull and the systems bolstered my spirit
Who wants to live under a microscope?
I never want to be on TV

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Author: Sam Freek

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