Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Land Of Tosh and Mosh Pits - Surreal POetry by Freek

The Land Of Tosh and Mosh Pits

Do I have to take you everywhere - I said
It looks like it - said Tosh

The sky turned purple there were people running everywhere - I said
You are not Prince - said Tosh

When I yawn my left ear falls off - I said
Tape your ears down then - said Tosh

Dash, dot dash dash, dot dash, dash - I said
Dash dot dash dash, dash dash dash, dot dot dash, dot dash, dosh dash dot, dot - said Tosh

I can tell you I'm not dreaming anymore - I said
How do you know that for sure - said Tosh

I kept my head open all day waiting for you to initiate contact - I said
- Tosh said nothing

Did you puff on the magic dragon? - I said
You mean did I install my internal mosh pit? - said Tosh

Maybe this isn't how the replay goes - I said
Lightly does it, just as instructed - said Tosh

Transmissions are down again today - I said
Nobody is aware of the dawn chorus sung by the monkey with IBS - said Tosh

Why does my voice quiver after years of practising the oboe? - I said
Place the buttercup underneath your chin and tell me if you see a full moon - said Tosh

We aren't getting anywhere fast and the large lady has been singing on repeat since 2am - I said
Ha ha ha you should try Botox to increase your lips to the size of an inflatable dinghy - said Tosh

This could go on forever - I said
But it wont - Tosh said

The End

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Author: Sam Freek

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