Wednesday, August 07, 2019

14 Nonsensical Bits of Bobs and Blabs - Surreal POetry by Sam Freek

 14 Nonsensical Bits of Bobs and Blabs

1. Taking side steps can heighten the corners of the mouth
2. If asking for trouble do it in blue
3. Never fall asleep under a table while the music is fading out
4. Frost relieves tension in the upper left of society
5. Remain motionless while pairing up with a falling dog that has been chipped
6. Start from the beginning every 4 years
7. Shining a red light into the darkness prompts tumbleweeds to observe the delights of fly fishing
8. A mad dash through the woods creates a weightless sweet sugar
9. More than three full stops equals 19 commas
10. Stop yourself from falling into the social media void by owing yourself 10 quid
11. If hiding in a lift revitalise the couch potato from floor 7
12. Outstare an English toad to remain calm
13. When cornering a shopping trolley on the frozen food isle always ask the purchase ledger clerk for consent
14. Sensationalise the lyrics to Mandy by Barry Manilow by yodelling them in reverse

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Author: Sam Freek

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