Thursday, July 18, 2019

Yellow Trains and Synchronised Clouds - Surreal POetry by Freek

 Yellow Trains and Synchronised clouds

3pm the wire is here on the twisted lemon express
Stickers show disgust so I made a film about it all
Chicken success is shown in 17 carat gold bling
Moaning in the red you marked my words
Covered in sand I found an easy way out
No surprises here so I unfollowed myself
Blightys hourly excuses regurgitated the knowledge
Yellow trains and synchronised clouds
Back to the beginning to create new numbers
Waiting for the mighty Mo to withdraw from the door with the cross
Taking no chances I wrapped myself in bubble wrap
I sampled backwards on take off
I want a re-run before the moon has thoughts
Ringing in my ears from playing the spoons
You are now on hands free and turfed out
Bought some followers and left July in pieces
I have the reality with no more blossoms

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Author: Sam Freek


  1. Excellent! I like the way you get the poem titles in there quite subtly.
    How fascinating your mind must be