Monday, July 29, 2019

The New Formula - Surreal POetry by Freek

The New Formula

A Kawazaki 450cc I had been riding for 13 years turned out to be a food mixer
My mood arrived in sections from mid morning until somebody recited Humpty Dumpty in reverse
Nobody made any gravy until the concrete steps had been fully restored
Joining the dots to the unmarked police cars we dictated a rise in pressure
Disturbances came from the worker with a tomato stained carrier bag from the plastic island of Pong
We arrived via the grand opening of a velvet magic carpet which was later consumed after a motionless romp
Most of the sound was now coming from the stock market crash of '89
I carry around interesting subtitles in a blue vanity case but I appear to have lost all my vowels
More freedom brought more rules in the open head filled with zeros and ones
It was a pleasure to meet you as we stood back to back in a square block of frozen movie stills
Re-entered my life again in a broken piggy bank that had a re-wired brain
My fingers became pathways to the crying clouds on the wonky horizon
The pin ball machine went out of focus but hurt just as much as the last time
The End

Not really the end I have a new formula

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Author: Sam Freek

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