Monday, July 01, 2019

The Curtain Ascended - Surreal POetry by Freek

 The Curtain Ascended

You flew in on a right angle (in pink nylons)
I frowned for 16 hours (with a crack down the middle of my face)
My crown shattered into 1.5 million pieces (while Mr Flint slept pass the morning gong)
The world lost its shape (I pronounced all my words phonetically)
My pen ran out of ink (the weather forecast said rain)
I listened to unfamiliar ditties (purchased a biscuit surface from an online store)
I paid £0 for every living thing to be jubilant on Wednesday 5th June (the marbles slid and fell into place)
My anguish was compartmentalised until energy expanded (ignored the knock at the door)
I wore eight raised eyebrows (you set the bed on fire)
Transported myself in an awkward martyr position from the valley (appreciation came at me like a hurtling train)
Challenging my yellow rights I paraded into Fred's house (there was a strange morning raid of sudden movements)
The tempest was strong but stillness swiftly prevailed (the curtain ascended)

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Author: Sam Freek

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