Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Brain Cramp - Surreal POetry by Sam Freek

 Brain Cramp

White noise entered the room in a straight jacket
A toothpaste moustache stayed on for the morning
Jumped into no mans land and landed on zero
Bass lines skimmed through my sound vessels
Norman made an entrance in pea green
Everyone shuffled forward three steps

Almost dropped into the bad books
It would have been nice to have met you before then
Even now
I'll try later

Held together by a startling gaze
Is it really that damaged?
Shared all of my data on an app by mistake
Calorie swappers
Get back in your cage

Act your age minus 14 years
Skipped the one month free trial
I observed the shadow fade into the distance
Checked out my freedom from the inside
Social wonder woman began a new life in Meltham

I don't watch TV on Mondays
Messed about with my rage until it brought a fondue
Stayed true to myself before the rain
The questions revealed your uncertainty
One mans freedom is another mans security

We know everything about you (plus your cat)
Shaped society from the 56th floor
Liquid gold fell from the edge
Flip charts held me in a trance
Then you gave me brain cramp and I briefly let go

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Author: Sam Freek

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