Thursday, March 28, 2019

Then The Laughter Stopped - Poetry by Sam Freek

 Then The Laughter Stopped

Here is a phony invitation to the hollow cosmos
My existence became unaccounted for as I arrived late
101 reasons broke my back
Morning splendour poured into blinkered peepers
A donkey leapt out from behind a phone box wearing a boob tube
A train hurtled past as it churned out candy floss from its choo choo
The mirror was on the floor
Most people chose to fly that day
Scientists revealed nothing new
Rules of the game changed midway

My identity was stolen again for the second time
An unknown energy source was later revealed to be five robotic rabbits running on a treadmill
A blip fell into the ocean and caused a butterfly to panic
Too much information came into the conscious pipeline
There seemed to be no way out
I slid up the wall backwards (feet first)
The sale was on for forty days but continued for an extra week as no one was interested

Apologies came in advance with no back up
An open top bus failed to show up at 7.15am so I pogoed at a fast pace until I turned off
The early onslaught of celebratory products filled my vision
Everything made sense for the collective ignorance
Feelings were no longer contained
Then the laughter stopped

Author: Sam Freek

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