Friday, March 22, 2019

Life Goes On - Surreal Poetry by Sam Freek

Life Goes On

Once upon a long ago
It brought me zero, nothing, nada
I can't recall when but it did
Grey skies filled the blue reflection
Hollow feelings grew inside my chest
It became a forgotten memory
I played eye spy
Grandma lost her marbles and continually shook her head
Cracks appeared
A different perspective was requiredHow could I jump through the tiny hoop?
Which direction is the way back?
Nancy drew a picture of her screwed up face
Only a one way ticket was on offer
I don't buy into it
Always looking for coincidences
Half price
Two steps forward
I'm near the end of the queue
Smudged lipstick
Happy hour starts at 6
Black mould
An unplayed conversation
Life goes on

Author: Sam Freek

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