Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Contemporary Art Drawings by FREEK

Rainbow Monster by Sam Freek - Contemporary colour art drawing
Rainbow Monster - Contemporary Art Drawing by Freek

The SMile Thief Strikes Again by Sam Freek - Contemporary black and white drawing by Sam Freek
The Smile Thief Strikes Again by Sam Freek - Art Drawing
Hello peeps of the world! Thought |I would share with you these two art drawings that have just been added to the wibbly wobbly website (www.didgiwidgi.co.uk).  I also thought I would share with you what I'm eating for my dinner and all I can say is that its a good job I'm hungry as its not very appetising  :-D. Today I am having roast vegetable cous cous with paprika roasted chick peas, quorn chicken pieces and lashings of some home made hummus. A quick and easy meal which will hopefully give me all the energy I need whilst at the gym later today. But as a treat I am having two home made peanut cups which are the healthy version (made from coconut oil) they are yum, yum tickle my bum gorgeous, the recipe is on my pinterest board here - Peanut Cups Recipe

When the neighbour comes round for a cuppa tea I hide them as I want them all to myself ha ha ha :-D.

So back to the art drawings which are of a Rainbow Monster which you may or may not have seen loitering around when its raining and the other drawing is of a thief which steals peoples smiles, this person usually turns up when you are least expecting it and shouts "wobble gobble doo" in your face before stealing your smile. You can buy "The Smile Thief strikes Again" art drawing online in my cyber art gallery :-) *wolf whistles at the cyber art gallery because it sounds posh and trendy*.

If you have any questions about my artwork or then please feel free to contact me, Sam Freek - The Artist (not formerly know as Prince).

Author: Sam Freek

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