Friday, March 22, 2019

Carpet Burn - Surreal Poetry by Sam Freek

Carpet Burn

Our world moved in double time to the sound of bottle banks being filled with the numbness from the weekend
Mr Half Heart asked me if I was all there and I blew the dust away
The alcoholic bubble in the park told me of another world inside the body of a nearby guitar with only one string
A symphony of ring tones filled the early morning lull
Pass the parcel was played with a grumpy face
A protection racket had been set up by a woman whose family tree could be traced back to a molehill by Batley Beck

Off fell my left hand as my head expanded from the big reflections
A giant tumbleweed rolled through town then rolled back again and didn't move until 29th December
My skin was no longer waterproof as I soaked up all the rain and fell to the ground with a thud
A tiny tapping at the window made the film reel spin around 72 times
Tennis balls shot out from the loud mouth who had a lazy eye at the back of his head
Our heads knotted together as we slid down the stairs backwards which gave me a carpet burn in the shape of Italy

Then all was forgotten as I noticed the food was out of date

Author: Sam Freek

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